Bioleft is again elected by the Conservation, Food and Health Foundation

For the third year in a row, Bioleft has won the support of the Conservation, Food and Health Foundation. Thanks to your support, in this new phase of the project we plan to continue developing participatory genetic improvement experiments (corn, tomato and sunflower); continue to improve our digital platform; and connect and support other initiatives related to the conservation and access to seeds, and accompany them in the development of an innovative approach in terms of collaborative improvement.

The Conservation Food and Health Foundation seeks to protect natural resources, improve food production and distribution, and promote public health in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. On Wednesday, May 26, we received the news that Bioleft was once again selected from among hundreds of proposals to be financed by said foundation, as had also happened in 2019 and 2020.

During this period our network has grown significantly. In addition to continuing to work alongside growers on participatory breeding experiments, we have begun to collaborate with national bodies such as SemillAR, and with international open source seed initiatives that are part of GOSSI, the global coalition of open source seed initiatives. Throughout this new stage, we will continue to work together with a group of allied institutions that have been part of the project for some years: FAUBA, MAPO, RENAMA, AABDA, Constelación semillería, among others.

Regarding our web platform, we will develop a new, simpler, more intuitive and flexible version, optimized for the user experience from field work, and that allows hosting a critical mass of users and information on seeds that will provide the basis for growth. continuous.