Interview with “To the rescue of the Creole tomato” in the program “25 hours”

On September 15, Gustavo Schrauf and Juan Martín Richter were interviewed on the 25 hours program of Radio Colmena about the work they have been doing on Creole tomatoes.

Gustavo is a member of Bioleft and head of the FAUBA Chair of Genetics, which has been promoting the project To the rescue of the Creole tomato in order to recover and make available old tomatoes from Argentina that serve to obtain a better flavor.

Together with Bioleft, Juan Martín has evaluated some of these tomatoes in his field for both the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 campaigns, and this year he will begin, together with the producer Alex Edleson from San Luis, to carry out a selection process of two of them.