Agroecología a la carta

On this occasion we share with you the recently published electronic book “Agroecología a la carta”, a work compiled by Claudio Sarmiento, written by 26 authors and arranged in 14 articles that, as he himself says, are as diverse as the agroecological fields; they are full of trees, flowers, insects, people, grasses, birds, crops, colors and aromas. Some authors explore agroecological fields scientifically, while others tell personal stories. Some reflect on the scope of agroecology towards society as a whole, while others narrate experiences strongly rooted in the territories. Some preferred to use inclusive language, while others did not.

We especially want to highlight the chapter written by our producer-breeder friend Claudio Demo, “Rescatando variedades chacareras desde la segregación de los híbridos comerciales de maíz”, in which he describes his path through which he improved 5 open-pollinated corn varieties: Quarentín, Chucul, Dorado, Albinco and Rocillo.

We hope you enjoy it!