Bioleft in “Cultura Rural. Brotes de saberes en América Latina”

We are pleased to share the publication Rural Culture. Sprouts of knowledege in Latin America which seeks to make visible (for its multiplication) experiences of cultural, educational, productive organizations that in different countries are betting on generating better living conditions in rural areas, to twist the predetermined destiny from the sectors of hegemonic power which leads to an extractivist model of accumulation, with a massification of a consumerist urban culture, and the transformation of the idea of the “countryside as a way of life” to the idea of the “countryside as a quarry”.

For it, we had the opportunity to collectively write as a team a chapter entitled Bioleft: una experiencia en la interfase de tres formas de soberanía in which we tell our way of working under the principles of collaborative production (co-production) in three lines: a set of open source licenses, a series of experiments-experiences of participatory breeding, and a collaborative digital platform.

We invite you to read it!