To the rescue of the Creole tomato: collaborative evaluation 2022

A new collaborative evaluation campaign for Creole tomatoes begins! To participate in the project and receive seeds, we ask for your commitment to evaluate your crops and share your observations, this is very important to have more information on the varieties rescued by the FAUBA project. Your commitments when participating are:

  1. Make your request before September 1 through this form if you are in CABA or GBA to collect the seeds:
    otherwise through this form so that we can send them to you:
  2. Join a WhatsApp group where we will communicate the next steps and you will be able to share information and doubts that will be answered by other producers and by the extensionists and researchers who are there. You will find the link to join after answering the application form.
  3. Participate in the three virtual workshops, which we will hold approximately at the end of August, the second in December and the last in March.
  4. Share the observations of your crop as we will indicate after you receive the seeds.

Thank you for your interest in the cultivation and collaborative evaluation of Creole tomatoes!

We also share with you these two instructional videos on tomato cultivation so you can watch them before you start growing:

Tomato: from seed to fruit – Part 1
Tomato: from seed to fruit – Part 2