The Global Open Source Seed Initiative is online!

GOSSI, Global Coalition of Open Source Seed Initiatives, launches its website, with information about GOSSI’s mission and its member organizations.

GOSSI works for a world in which seeds are free to use, save, share and breed. Its mission is to support networks of farmers, breeders and seed companies committed to developing, sharing and distributing seeds without restrictions on their use.

GOSSI was born from a meeting on seeds as a common good in Oldenburg, Germany, in 2018. Today it is composed of the following organizations in pursuit of the free circulation of seeds: Agrecol – OpenSourceSeeds, Germany; Bioversity International, Uganda; Bioleft, Argentina and México;  Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, India; Earth Net Foundation, Thailand; Masipag, Philippines;  Open Source Seed Initiative, USA; Seed Savers Network, Kenya and Rete Semi Rurali, Italia.

The steering commitee members are Jack Kloppenburg (OSSI), Johannes Kotschi (OpenSourceSeeds – Agrecol), Gloria Otieno (Bioversity), Georie Pitong (Masipag), Nout van der Vaart (Hivos), Daniel Wanjama (Seed Savers Network), and Anabel Marín, from Bioleft, as chair.