Bioleft wins support from the Conservation Food and Health Foundation and the Pathways Communication Grant Program

Bioleft, for the fifth consecutive year, was again chosen by the Conservation Food and Health Foundation as one of the projects to be financed. This fact is of great importance to continue supporting the work that we carry out from Bioleft in coordination with a wide network of actors. It will allow us to continue deepening our work in relation to participatory breeding of corn and tomato, accompanying farmers in their evaluations, expanding and strengthening the network involved, and continuing with the training and capacity building processes.

In addition, this year we are also supported by the Pathways Communication Grant, which funds the dissemination of scientific findings from site-based research projects through innovative formats and practices to ensure that scientific contributions that support pathway development for sustainability reach relevant audiences beyond the scientific community, thus promoting greater acceptance and understanding of pathways to sustainability. Thus, it will allow us to publish a participatory plant breeding guide and a series of podcasts where experiences, visions, knowledge and struggles related to access to seeds will be shared by farmers, farmer-breeders, independent breeders, public sector breeders and consumers.

We are very grateful to both organizations for supporting the continuity of our work.