New mates in Bioleft

We are very happy because three new mates from very different disciplines recently joined the Bioleft team: Cecilia Reyna –graduated in Psychology and researcher at the Institute of Psychological Research (CONICET-National University of Córdoba)–, Cecilia Turza –student of Administration of Companies at the National University of San Martín– and Selva Cuppari –agronomist and professor of Genetics at the National University of the South.

Cecilia Reyna, who had already been participating in several of our team meetings as an introduction to our project, now takes on a new role directing a Psychology degree student to carry out a review of participation in participatory improvement projects in Agronomy.

Cecilia Turza had the opportunity to learn about Bioleft while studying Sustainable Development and now she collaborates with our project through her ascription, which is directed towards the analysis of sustainability initiatives within the framework of the knowledge acquired. “My academic training should not only be framed in analyzing and solving company problems; I believe that the training we acquire when studying at university should prepare us and give us the ability to integrate our perspective with other disciplines when dealing with multidisciplinary problems”.

Selva Cuppari, an enthusiastic participant in our forage workshops and the participatory evaluation of maize in which she evaluated a population of native maize from her chair, is now also part of our team meetings and therefore of the discussions and decision-making. In addition, she has given a brilliant presentation in the workshop Bases for the selection of corn for the own production of seeds.

We thank all three for their great dedication!