Progress in the 2021-2022 Collaborative Maize Evaluation

Within the context of the collaborative maize evaluation that we have been carrying out together with 17 farmers from 8 different provinces, on Wednesday, December 1 and 15, we held two virtual meetings in which the variables to be evaluated during cultivation were discussed and defined.

The variables in question range from data relating to the plot where the corn will be planted, the tillage, planting, behavior and/or performance during emergence, growth, development, harvest and post-harvest and, in the case of the sweet corn, the tasting.

The seeds that will be evaluated within the group are UPL Adelia, Quarentín Cuarto, Quarentín de Salta, Chucul, Flint 7742, Leales, Opacos, Don Amilcar, Negro Comahue, Cuyun INTA, Maíces del Sur, Microsperma, Cuarentón, Anita and Eusilia INTA, Golden Bantam and another derived from Chucul. Some of them will be evaluated by more than one producer. The provinces where they will be evaluated are Córdoba, San Juan, La Pampa, Buenos Aires, Entre Ríos, Santa Fe, Neuquén and Río Negro.

The goal of this collaborative evaluation is to share the results of these seeds within the group in order to generate information on their performance in each region, and exchange experiences, knowledge, generate capacities for the evaluation of crops and, with a view to future campaigns, generate knowledge to be taken into account in the development of plant breeding.

The group promised to upload the data from the evaluation in the collaborative essay on the Bioleft platform, to continue participating in the virtual exchange, follow-up and sharing meetings, as well as a possible face-to-face meeting visiting some of the experiences involved.