Bioleft's webinar series begins with tomatoes

Introducing Bioleft’s series of technical webinars, designed to support different types of stakeholders with knowledge. We begin with one of the most requested topics: a practical guide to tomato cultivation, from when and how to plant to when and how to harvest. This webinar is in charge of Marcela Harris, agronomist, professor of Horticulture at the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Buenos Aires and member of the project To the rescue of the Creole tomato. A luxury.

On March 10th and 31st at 18.30, we will officially release it on our YouTube channel both the fist and second part of the webinar, with the presence of Bioleft’s agronomic team, who will answer questions and doubts through the chat.

In the first part, we will see how the tomate plants are and what to do to mantein them healthy and productive: how to guard, de-sprout and de-leaf; how to do preventive manage to avoid pests and diseases; and what to do in case of the most typical diseases.

In the second, we will show how to sow tomatoes by making seedlings and the cares to take into account until transplanting. Then we will tell what we have to do so that, if we have more than one variety sown, the tomatoes are not crossed and the seeds that we harvest maintain the characteristics of the mother plant. And finally we will see how to harvest and what must be considered to do so.

You can find the links to YouTube where both videos will be released.
¡See you there!