Bioleft in the Research, Development and Innovation Week (UNSAM)

Next Tuesday, September 8th from 11 to 12.30, Anabel Marín, director of Bioleft, will present the proposal of the open seed network in the V Research, Development and Innovation Week (#SIDI). organized by the School of Economics and Business of the National University of San Martín. The talk, called “Bioleft: a laboratory of collective intelligence”, will be given as part of the panel “Innovation, growth and post-growth”, coordinated by Mariano Fressoli, researcher at CENIT – EEyN – UNSAM. The panel will also include Adrian Smith (University of Sussex), with the talk “Post-automation”, and Mario Pansera (Autonomous University of Barcelona – University of Bristol) with  “Innovation without growth: conceptualizing technological change in a post-growth era”.

For the first time, the Research, Development and Innovation Week will be held remotely. From 7 to 11 September, nine research panels and six dialogues will be presented, with 70 speakers. All activities are open and free of charge.

The complete program of the SIDI can be read here. The general registration is done through this link: You are invited!