Bioleft at the 34° National Meeting of Biodynamic Agriculture

Next week, from April 25 to 28, we will have the pleasure of being part of the 34th National Meeting of Biodynamic Agriculture, in Merlo, San Luis. Thanks to the invitation of the Association for Biological-Dynamic Agriculture of Argentina, which brings together farmers from across the country. This year the theme of the meeting will be “Seed, wisdom evolving in freedom”.

During the meeting there will be talks open to the community where the seeds will be addressed as a source of knowledge, in its cultural, economic and legal aspects. We will participate in these conversations from the perspective of the relationship of seeds with intellectual property systems. We also will integrate the working groups that will analyze the current situation and look for strategies to improve the circulation of genetic material.

There will be space for exchanges of seeds, introductory workshops on biodynamic agriculture and beekeeping, artistic activities and fresh markets. It will be in the beautiful surroundings of the Piedras Blancas hotel, on the banks of the stream of the same name. Soon, the report on shared learning!