New alliances: the Bioleft network expands to biodynamic production

Bioleft is a network that is strengthened with each new node that is added. This week, we started working together with the initiative SembrarEco of the Association for Organic Agriculture-Dynamics of Argentina. The agricultural producers who are part of the association are, on many occasions, also breeders. They will register biodynamic seeds under the Bioleft system, and in turn will test the material they receive from the network in their fields.

Their crops, methods and territorial distribution are also complementary to those of the peasant communities gathered in the Organization of Indigenous Nations and Peoples of Argentina (ONPIA), who also started to work with Bioleft seeds.

Thus, this “triple alliance” with sectors of family farming of indigenous, biodynamic and organic producers offers a very favorable opportunity for the initial development of the Bioleft system. The set provides a variety of crop circumstances, in geographical, climatic and environmental terms as well as in the social and economic dimension. This diversity allows us to test the system and improve it thanks to the contributions of the participants, in a process of collaborative prototyping.